FlipSyde AKA FleaMarketFlip  was born and raised in Chicago IL. aka the Windy City and started his journey through into the music industry there until he landed in Texas by way of the US Army all the while writing, recording and funding his own music.  It was there that he utilized everything he learned in the underground to form JamStar Records after finding himself in bad deals with majors.  He released is 1st CD on his own "2 Hell & Back!" and from there he was off and running, including touring throughout Texas opening up for numerous major label artists like Big Pun (R.I.P), Too Short, 8Ball & MJG, UGK, and more.  After selling hundreds of copies from the trunk and through local consignment, Flip released his 2nd Album "Gloss-N-Floss" then his 3rd album was the Wicked Rap album "Hellter Skellter" then came the breakout 4th album "Still Gotta Win" which garnered attention from Memphis rap legend Tommy Wright III who put Flip down with the Street Smart Records team.  Then came the 5th album "Eye Candy" which was more of a party album but still sells to this day due to FlipSyde's intricate rhyme patterns and snappin' or choppin' as the fast, tongue twistin' style of rap is sometimes called. After that Flip dropped a mixtape of all remade beats titled "CandyMan" which was pushed only at the Flea Markets but still sold over 1000 copies.  These all paved the way for the monster double album from FlipSyde titled "Enter The Darkness/CandyMan Part 2" which is considered a masterpiece in the underground and sells consistently to this day even!  After that album Flip pulled away from dropping albums and started dropping his Trendsetter Series mixtapes which would include 2 to 3 new FlipSyde tracks and a new FlipSyde video as well on the later volumes and the series still goes strong to this day with Volume 18 the newest to drop as of this writing.  But, the time has come for FlipSyde to once again drop albums so, the 1st of many is  PsychoTherapy: The Lost Album & it will drop out of nowhere to crush in the underground!   Be on the lookout for shows, pop up events at various Flea Markets and even the unexpected!  Stay tuned to TheRealFlipSyde.com for all of your information before it drops anywhere else!


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